Team building fostering unity and well-being

At Neklar, fostering strong teamwork is essential at all our plants. This aspect reflects our commitment to “Leading by Example”, where we work as a team, learning together and empowering. We foster relationships based on mutual trust and respect, being resilient and optimistic in facing challenges and delivering on our commitments.

For this reason, on November 11th, we held an inspiring team building event at the Wuxi (China) plant!

During the day, we organized a hiking activity by the breathtaking Taihu Lake, accompanied by team spirit training, body logos, engaging walks, and a variety of smart games. The objective was to foster teamwork, encourage healthy habits, and promote happiness overall

This initiative not only celebrates teamwork but also aligns with the Neklar core values. In line with Our Way, we prioritize the well-being, safety, and growth of our team. In support of diversity and against discrimination, this team building event reinforces the unity of our team while supporting our vision of an inclusive and harmonious workplace.

It was a remarkable success!

  • Pere

    Nice activity and unbeatable atmosphere

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