Discover bipolar plates, a key component for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and electrolyzers to work properly. This innovative tool is an efficient solution to help power electric vehicles safely, cleanly and more sustainably.

This bipolar plate is a metal sheet for the fuel cell stack, designed to fit between each fuel cell, as well as the electrolyzers used for hydrogen production. FCEV Bipolar plates have two main functions: they enable electrical conduction and they correctly distribute reactant gases. By allowing the electric current to circulate, the fuel cells can safely generate power from hydrogen, and the electrolyzers can take renewable sources and turn them into hydrogen gas.

Through the use of our FCEV Bipolar plates, electric vehicles can operate efficiently while keeping the occupants safe and looking after the fuel cells’ integrity. With each technological advancement we make, we are a step closer to creating a more sustainable automotive industry based on electric power.

Neklar’s development phase makes extensive use of CAE tools like FEA forming simulations, thermal and CFD simulations.


  • Stainless steel


  • Around 75 µm

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