Since 1984 Neklar has established itself as a global supplier in the automobile industry by becoming a leader in the development of automotive metal stampings. Our products and services have accompanied our customers through their evolution and journey towards sustainability in the automotive industry. Being relevant in the new mobility era and helping our customers be more competitive is part of our culture.

One of Neklar’s key strengths lies in its flexible and nimble process, which consists of four interactive phases: product design, simulation, fast prototyping and testing. This approach ensures that we adapt to our customers’ requirements and are able to deliver exceptional results within tight timelines. We are constantly working on keeping our process and tooling design cutting-edge to provide our global customers the utmost effective solutions for automotive insulation. We are committed to our customers and community!

Neklar’s culture is centered around the goal of working together for a greener car industry and being part of the drive towards sustainable and smart mobility solutions. We work hand in hand with quality auto brands all over the world and provide them personalized assistance throughout the entire process. This helps us identify and address any potential issues that might arise before the final product is manufactured. Although the entire process takes a while, our goal in mind is to accelerate our customers’ evolution and come up with the most efficient solutions to reduce heat, noise and eliminate electromagnetic interferences. By combining innovative metal stamping techniques with a strong focus on green mobility, Neklar is at the forefront of driving a positive change in the automobile industry.


  • To be relevant in the era of new mobility generating a beneficial impact on people’s lives.


  • To accelerate our customers’ evolution toward sustainable mobility through innovative stamping-based solutions for powertrain.


  • To be the preferred global partner in our solutions for clean powertrain technologies.

Our Way

  • We care for our people. We are devoted to our employees’ safety, wellbeing and development. We support people’s diversity and reject all kinds of discrimination.
  • We delight our customers. We are committed and passionate, identifying, understanding and meeting our customer expectations. We strongly believe in long-term partnerships.
  • We dare and innovate. We are open to new ideas, being agile and driving changes in a fast-evolving environment. Our culture encourages proactivity and creativity, seeking the best solutions.
  • We are committed to our community. We take responsibility for future generations, protecting the environment and promoting socioeconomic development.
  • We lead by example. We work as a team, learning together and empowering. We encourage relationships based on mutual trust and respect for each other. We are resilient and optimistic when facing challenges and fulfilling our commitments.


  • Employee development
    Our team is our most valuable asset.
    Ensure personal and professional growth.
  • Customer focus
    Customer satisfaction. Identifying needs and offering added value products and services.
  • Innovation
    Catalyst for progress. Generation of new ideas and turning them into solutions.
  • Pursuing excellence
    Best processes. Health and safety. Quality, cost and service. Environmental protection.
    Continuous improvement.
  • Social responsibility
    Socioeconomic development of communities. Ethics and legal compliance.


A core issue for the Directors and Management at Neklar Group is demanding the compliance with regulations, a keystone of the business, with the following commitments:

  • Developing a corporate-focused compliance management system, centring on minimizing the risks identified and fostering constant improvement.
  • Providing the Compliance Supervisory Body with the necessary authority and independence to implement the system’s management.
  • Demanding ‘Zero Tolerance’ for behaviour that may lead to non-compliance with the law and compliance procedures, particularly in the following matters:

– Corruption, extortion and bribery.

– Unfair competition.

– Conflict of interest.

– Fraud or counterfeit.

  • Preserving the privacy, intellectual property rights and confidentiality of information, avoiding any type of non-authorized disclosure.
  • Guaranteeing financial responsibility and reliable and accurate records.
  • Generating a culture of compliance respecting these procedures.
  • Training staff in the awareness and understanding of their compliance-related responsibilities and in applying the management system.
  • Fostering the reporting of any non-compliance events, incidents or doubts concerning compliance procedures, using the whistle-blowing channels created by the company and ensuring personal protection against retaliation.
  • Enforcing disciplinary actions, as provided under the current labour rules in force, where necessary.
  • Achieving third-party commitments (suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners) in applying the compliance system with the endorsement of Neklar Group’s Code of Conduct.

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