Suppliers: The Backbone of Neklar’s Excellence

At Neklar, we understand that the quality and commitment of our metal stamping supplier network is pivotal to maintaining our position as a global leader in automotive metal stamping. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond our factory walls; it extends into every partnership we forge, every material we use, and every process we adopt.

Our demanding selection criteria for suppliers comes from a philosophy that echoes our own values: innovation, reliability, and unparalleled quality. We collaborate with suppliers who are not just vendors, but visionaries in their field. These partnerships fuel our strive for perfection in automotive metal stamping.

The backbone of our supply chain is a global meticulous selection of experts in precision engineering and advanced material science. Our rigorous selection is based on their ability to consistently meet our high standards and keep up with our innovative spirit. Each supplier is a vital piece in our chain and its contributions are key in our ability to deliver advanced metal stamping solutions to the automotive industry. From hands-on testing to complying with the most rigorous quality standards, our suppliers are essential players in our continuous journey towards innovation, excellence and a more sustainable mobility with the help of clear powertrain technologies. Helping transform the way we drive while leaving an ecological footprint!

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