We are as much about services as we are about products.

Our services drive innovation at Neklar. We recognize that the strength of our presence in the automotive metal stamping industry is not solely measured by our products, but equally by the strength of our services. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services that complement our manufacturing process, ensuring that every client’s unique needs are met with precision and expertise.

For us, the quality of the products we offer is as important as the services we offer, therefore; the approach to our sales and project management is tailored to foster strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We understand that each project is the beginning of a partnership built on mutual trust. For that reason, our team works closely with clients throughout the entire process, guiding them from initial consultation through to project completion, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and transparent process. At the heart of Neklar lies our commitment to development and innovation. By staying ahead of industry trends and technological advancements, we deliver upgraded thermo-acoustic insulation solutions that set new industry benchmarks. Our process and tooling design services are where our technical expertise shines to maintain our manufacturing cutting-edge. Lastly, our operations are a synchronization of all our services, where precision, efficiency, and quality meet.

In essence, our services at Neklar are tied to our identity as much as our products. They are a reflection of our dedication to excellence, our commitment to innovation, and our focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of the automotive industry.

Sales and Project Management

Our philosophy is to get involved early.

In the intricate world of metal stamping, Neklar stands apart not just for our manufacturing capabilities but also for our strategic approach to sales and project management. One of the key reasons to our success is the priority that we give to the early involvement and deep collaboration with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

From the onset, our sales and project management team engage with clients to thoroughly understand their needs and identify opportunities at an early stage while accompanying them on their journey towards automotive electrification. Our goal is always to go beyond conventional expectations and this proactive approach ensures that we are not just responders to demands; but active contributors to the development and optimization of each project. There is no need to say that today’s automotive industry is evolving at a rapid speed therefore, staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies is not an option but a must. To accomplish all of this, our engineering team plays a pivotal role in our project management strategy. Their involvement from start to finish ensures a seamless integration of design, production, and quality assurance for our powertrain solutions as well as E-Mobility EV and E-Mobility FCEV. This way of working reflects our expertise in OEM metal stamping and our commitment to delivering excellence at every stage.

We understand the global nuances of the automotive industry and tailor our strategies to meet diverse, international standards and expectations. This global perspective enriches our ability to handle projects of varying scales and complexities, making us a preferred supplier.

Development and Innovation

We develop innovative proposals to meet client specifications.

At Neklar, our passion lies in creating innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Every client has unique needs and for that reason we offer a tailored approach. Our method consists of effectively addressing the rigorous mechanical, thermal, and acoustic demands and needs, along with other essential specifications.

There are four key stages in our methodology on top of being adaptable, agile and offer utmost attention to detail.

  1. The first stage involves the conceptualization of the product, basically putting your vision on a blueprint.
  2. Following this, is the stage of simulation, here is where we bring to life the concepts, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed expectations.
  3. The third stage in our process is fast prototyping. Here, the abstract ideas and simulations transition into tangible prototypes. This phase is crucial as it gives live to our concepts, enabling us to evaluate their practicality and make any adjustments.
  4. The final but most important step is rigorous testing. This last evaluation is critical to ensure that every aspect of the product is perfect.

This structured yet flexible approach enables Neklar to remain at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering solutions that are not only reliable and efficient but tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients above all. We believe that change, development, transformation and progress are key to help our customers be more competitive!

Process and Tooling Design

Keeping our manufacturing cutting-edge.

To ensure that our products remain competitive in a global industry, we develop processes and buy tools worldwide that are specific to our brand.

At Neklar, we design the tools and carefully follow their manufacture to offer our client optimized processes with perfect finishes.


Our manufacturing footprint and optimized supply chain guarantee just-in-time deliveries to major automotive customers in all key markets. Highly skilled and committed teams work to reach industrial excellence and offer complete satisfaction to all stakeholders every day. Our world class standards in health safety environment, quality and service and our lean manufacturing system are deployed throughout the organization to ensure the highest level of performance.

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