We are as much about services as we are about products.

In today’s auto industry, manufacturing requires a complex combination of products and services.
Here are some of the services we offer.

Sales and Project Management

Our philosophy is to get involved early.

Neklar is known for working closely with OEM’s and Tier 1 from a very early stage. Our sales and  project management team is quick to identify needs and find ways to offer added value. Our engineering team is also involved from start to finish and everything we do is based on years of experience and a truly international business mind-set.

Development and Innovation

We develop innovative proposals to meet client specifications.

Neklar has a well-proven method for compliance with pressing mechanical, thermal, acoustic and pressing specifications.

Our method is both flexible and nimble, yet also rigorous through four interacting phases: product design, simulation, fast prototyping and testing.

Process and Tooling Design

Keeping our manufacturing cutting-edge.

To ensure that our products remain competitive in a global industry, we develop processes and buy tools worldwide that are specific to our brand.

At Neklar, we design the tools and carefully follow their manufacture to offer our client optimized processes with perfect finishes.


Our manufacturing footprint and optimized supply chain guarantee just-in-time deliveries to major automotive customers in all key markets. Highly skilled and committed teams work to reach industrial excellence and offer complete satisfaction to all stakeholders every day. Our world class standards in health safety environment, quality and service and our lean manufacturing system are deployed throughout the organization to ensure the highest level of performance.

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