One of the key pillars of Neklar products is their quality, the only possible basis to achieve excellence. As a world leader in the global transition towards electrification in the automotive industry, our goal is to create new, more efficient solutions through the use of customizable and sustainable metal stamped parts: technology developed specifically for clean vehicles. Among our solutions is Neklar’s EV Battery Cooling, a product that combines a high performance with cost-effectiveness, sustainability and a lightweight design.

Discover the EV Battery Cooling solution, a cooling plate made of aluminum that efficiently dissipates heat from the batteries, maintaining temperature within the optimal range. Once the issue of thermal management is addressed, this cooling system will enhance the battery performance and help increase the longevity of the components. Its design has also factored in sustainability, reducing its CO2 emissions and energy consumption.Take advantage of our 40 years of experience and choose our expertise in sustainable development for cleaner and safer mobility.


  • Improved Battery Performance: Optimizes cooling efficiency for superior battery health and lifespan.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Achieves automotive-grade quality at competitive prices.
  • Production Efficiency: Simplifies manufacturing with streamlined integration.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduces CO2 emissions and energy consumption for a greener footprint.
  • Lightweight Design: Enables thinner, lighter cooling plates for improved vehicle performance.

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