Simulations that bring us closer to sustainable mobility

At Estamp, we are committed to accompanying our customers in their transition to electrification, offering solutions adapted to new technologies to promote cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

Recently, on 14th and 15th of June, we participated at the Iberian Users’ Meeting of SIMULIA 2023 in Spain. An event specifically oriented to its users, focusing on the experiences with the use of its technology. This makes it an ideal place to meet, share ideas and expand professional contacts. So, we highlight the type of simulations we perform with Abaqus.

At Estamp, we collaborate closely with TIER 1 and OEMs to develop innovative products. Initially, we focused on structural solutions such as linear dynamics and modal response. In addition, we have evolved into modality-based random vibration simulation, incorporating new tools such as Fe-safe.

In response to current market needs, we have expanded our focus on additional simulations, such as fluid dynamics with 3D-experience (FMK). Also, we have moved deeper into tools such as Abaqus to perform thermodynamic, electrothermal and fatigue-related mechanical simulations. In this way, we are keeping up with future simulation requirements.

Our constant evolution in the field of simulations has allowed us to contribute to the growth of our company and to be at the forefront of solutions for the mobility of the future.

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