SDG 13 – Climate Action

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 13 “Climate Action” aims to address climate change and its impacts through measures to combat global warming and its effects, as well as to improve resilience to extreme weather conditions.

Some main objectives of SDG 13 are:

  • Adopt measures to mitigate greenhouse gases and reduce emissions.
  • Promote adaptation to climate change, increasing the resilience of affected systems and communities.
  • Improve education, awareness, and human capacity to address climate change and its impacts.

Estamp responds to these challenges by establishing concrete actions to combat climate change, such as:

  • Development of a range of products for vehicles with low-emission technologies.
  • Improving the energy efficiency of its processes and installations.
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels and promoting the electrification of its own vehicle fleet.
  • Increasing the use of renewable energy through the implementation of photovoltaic panels and the purchase of green energy.
  • Promotion of sustainable practices among our stakeholders as an awareness tool.

This is another example of Estamp’s commitment with sustainability and the 2030 Agenda through its adherence to the UN Global Compact, a commitment that we are sure our employees share and make their own contributions.


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