Ever since it was first set up the Estamp Group has been fully committed to the highest ethical standards and to complying with all the legislation and standards applicable to it, whether in relation to its employees, customers, suppliers or to other interested parties.

This commitment has materialised through the implementation of a COMPLIANCE system with a global scope, which is subject to continuous improvement.

Recently, two actions were taken to increase the efficacy and efficiency of the above system:

Firstly, the decision was made to outsource the Estamp Ethical Channel, in order to achieve a higher grade of trustworthiness and safety for complainants through a more professionalised management of the same. Whenever an irregularity, a failure, a corrupt action or a risk related to regulatory compliance in business relations with Estamp is detected, such events may be reported through this channel.

Estamp China

Secondly, training plans have been implemented throughout all the Estamp production centres, to guarantee that all the employees involved are aware of the key aspects of internal regulations and policies.

We continue to be committed to regulatory compliance in order to ensure respect for the applicable legislation within the framework of our activities and business relations with third parties.

To access the Ethical Channel, click here.

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