As is the custom each year, we had the pleasure of celebrating ESTAMP DAY (e’day) with all the Estamp employees!

Yesterday, 14 June 2018, all the group factories reached an agreement to celebrate ESTAMP WORLD DAY. Based on the slogan “We run Estamp” (#WeRunEstamp), Estamp employees took centre stage and activities were organised to promote the company’s business principles.

Estamp’s business principles form the cornerstone of the company, and they have always helped us grow and improve day by day. Our company undergoes constant growth and celebrating this day gives us the opportunity to promote values such as the importance of team spirit, optimism and personal integrity.

Our employees are our most treasured asset and we take pleasure in recognising their worth every day, and in particular, on days such as yesterday, when each of the group’s factories in China, Slovakia, Mexico and Spain simultaneously took part in many amusing and ingenious activities.

Social responsibility is an essential part of our principles and this day also served to remind us of this.  All the activities had a social purpose and, in collaboration with the UNICEF “blue gift” initiative, we managed to obtain 4 latrines, 2,800 rehydration sachets, 720 vaccines (240 poliomyelitis, 240 measles and 240 tetanus vaccines) and 200 blackboards for children, in addition to a massive donation of clothes for the needy. We also considered the environment by means of gifts reminding of the need to recycle.

Yesterday was also World Blood Donor Day and Estamp took advantage of the occasion to offers its employees the option of donating blood the same day, with more than 50 volunteers taking part.

On behalf of Estamp Management, we thank all the Estamp employees and hope you had an enjoyable day!

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