Despite the exceptional situation we are all going through, on April 30 we reached the middle of the European Union project, Horizon 2020, which we launched in February 2019 with FormPlanet and other companies in the metal industry.

The aim of the project on the Open Innovation TestBed (OITB) is to increase the productivity of metal-forming industries by developing new experimental methodologies and modelling approaches for predicting and optimizing the performance of materials and parts and for reducing the marketing time of new developments in this area.

In this Mid Term Report, we have evaluated the progress of the project in technical and organizational terms in accordance with initial planning.

To predict and solve unexpected defects (sheet cracking, stretching, thinning, etc.), the sector needs to characterize materials accurately and come up with new modelling approaches to assess sheet formability and performance of parts made of new high strength sheet materials. This is why, at Estamp, we have been working on characterizing materials used in the company.

Estamp working on a simulation of an embossing process

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