Estamp is a global company that is constantly growing due to an innovation department that is dedicated to detecting needs and keeping abreast with emerging technology.

The innovation team identified the need to facilitate smart remote support amongst the different group sites and a very positive response was received from the augmented reality provided by the Belgian company Viu More.

The Viu More augmented support application can be operated from any device: PC, smartphone, tablet or smart glasses, and consists of a video-conference system enriched with augmented reality content which makes it possible to provide graphic instructions using live video streaming and enables an expert to give precise guidance and instructions to an on-site technician remotely and in real time.

Last October, the augmented reality support system was integrated as a day to day tool, following the iterated fine-tuning process to establish needs and to validate the solution with users and a 3-month trial period with the users at the group sites to enable final validation.

The project is ongoing as the use of smart glasses is currently being validated to enable on-site technicians to work hands-free while receiving graphic, real time instructions.

Innovation is one of our main drivers. We believe in change, development, transformation and progress. Our innovation team is actively generating new ideas on a daily basis and, with the support of the entire group, turning them into solutions.

smart remote support

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