The management of Estamp established an Equality Plan between men and women in 2018, declaring that the whole family of Estamp has the right to have their dignity respected, as well as the obligation to treat with respect to the people with whom they relate for work reasons.

The Equality Plan is conceived as an orderly set of measures aimed at ensuring equal treatment and opportunities for men and women, and at preventing any discrimination on the grounds of sex. Personal integrity and respect for each other is one of the main values ​​of Estamp’s inclusive culture. At Estamp we are committed to giving all our employees the same opportunities for success, regardless of gender, and to helping them learn and develop professionally. 

Committed to ODS 5 Gender Equality and 4 Quality Education, during this month by the Bertelsmann Foundation within the project “Xcelence – Companies that inspire”, some young engineers who have had a professional career in successful at Estamp, they will give talks to students of High School and explain their professional trajectory, while showing the students that the industrial world is also made for them. In addition, they will explain the many possibilities of the STEAM professions (Science, Technology, Statistics, Arts and Mathematics). Professions currently very masculinised, but with many job opportunities.

This March 8, we want to announce that we guarantee equality as part of this year’s issue, a slogan linked to our goal of sustainable development, Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. It recognizes the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are leading efforts to respond, mitigate and adapt to climate change to build a more sustainable future for all.

For more information: International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day!

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