Each year, to consolidate the alignment of our teams with the company’s vision and mission, Estamp celebrates the International Meeting. This event brings together managers from our various locations and plays a key role in promoting strong interpersonal relationships and a shared understanding of the company’s strategy.

At the recent XII edition of the IM, which took place in Castelldefels (Barcelona, Spain), we focused on one objective: the transition of Estamp to the new brand, Neklar. This evolution represents a significant fact in the history of our company and requires a shared commitment to ensure a successful transition.

During the event, in addition to meetings explaining the rebranding, topics related to product diversification and new developments were discussed.

Also, as part of our commitment, High Fidelity designed specific team building activities to strengthen our corporate culture:

One of them was «Brand team building – U Feel Gaudí», where our teams collaborated to build the new corporate image, applying the artistic technique developed by Antoni Gaudí, emblematic of Catalan modernist architecture.

In addition, in a natural park in Delta del Llobregat, we organized an exciting game «ECO Heroes» that challenges participants to complete an e-bike route overcoming tasks related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and having the opportunity to visit the CRAM center (The Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals).

The challenges were organized in 4 main categories: people, planet, prosperity, and peace & justice. Aspects that we consider fundamental in our work.

The most interesting thing is that all the points earned by the teams were converted into a contribution for the reforestation of trees. Specifically, with the PLANT TO STOP POVERTY project, a total of 780 trees will be planted in Tanzania, which will neutralize about 39,000 kg of C02 in the coming years.

This activity not only fostered collaboration and teamwork, but also highlighted our commitment to sustainable issues and creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

This edition of the IM was not only an event to strengthen our internal relationships, but also an important step in our evolution towards Neklar.

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