Estamp has been awarded with a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the project New industrial investments in Estamp’s manufacturing plant.


This project consists of the complete electrical refurbishment of an automatic transfer line.

This line has the capability of, automatically:

  • Uncoil the raw material, which is received in coils of aluminum or steel.
  • Lubricate the raw material, for an optimal stamping process.
  • Emboss the raw material, increasing its rigidity and its isolating properties.
  • Cut the raw material in blanks of the right size, ready for the stamping process.
  • Transporting the blanks to the first stamping tool, inside the press itself.
  • Sequentially stamping the part in each operation and transferring it to the next one.
  • Transporting the finished part, from the last stamping operation to the packing area.

In this context, the refurbishment consists of the replacement of old and energetically inefficient components of the machine by more modern and efficient ones, thus reducing its electrical consumption. The average consumption of the line before the refurbishment was of 28 kW, which have been reduced to 6 kW after its modernization.

Considering its annual productive time, the electrical consumption of the line has been reduced from 169 MWh to 36 MWh, representing a reduction of almost 80%.

Electrical refurbishment of an automatic transfer line in Estamp Terrassa

Electrical refurbishment of an automatic transfer line in Estamp Terrassa

Electrical refurbishment of an automatic transfer line in Estamp Terrassa



This project has benefited from the line of economic aid for energy saving and efficiency in industrial companies, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), coordinated by IDAE (Spanish acronym for the Institute for the Energy Diversification and Saving) and ICAEN (Spanish acronym for the Catalan Energy Institute) and managed by the autonomous communities, charged to the National Energy Efficiency Fund, with the objective of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

Investment: 319.800 €

Grant: 95.940 €


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