Estamp is taking part in the innovative 2019-2020 MetròpolisFPlab2. In collaboration with the Barcelona Metropolitan area Fundació BCN Formació Professional, the event is being run for the second time. The first information session took place on 28 October and Estamp was able to start registering those wishing to take part in the program.

MetròpolisFPlab provides a way of bringing together innovative companies like Estamp with vocational training institutions, where professional training enables students to enter the labor market.

The MetròpolisFPlab2 combines a range of business demands, or rather challenges, which are set for vocational training students by participating companies. The challenges encourage students to develop entrepreneurship, teamwork, key competences, and experimentation.

The challenge set for students by Estamp is to find solutions to improve the production process and prototype service. Using induct methodology students will create innovative projects and generate ideas to resolve this and other challenges set by other companies, such as AIGÜES DE BARCELONA, TMB, TAI SMART FACTORY, ABACUS and ICO.

Video summary of MetròpolisFPlab1:


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