This project was born from the importance of a bidirectional communication in the company, unifying channels and betting on digitalization, with the aim of improving the quality of internal communications. Aimed at all groups equally, both offices and factories, providing a substantial improvement in the Employee Experience.

This initiative is part of a business strategy, in line with our values, considering the team as our most valuable asset. This is how was born E-Team, Estamp’s employee app, with the support of our partner Dialenga.

The adoption process was gradual, and we carried it out by plants and by different work groups. Thanks to online and face-to-face training through video tutorials and our technical support colleagues, in three months we had already implemented the tool in all four plants. In addition, some time after the implementation, different surveys were published to receive feedback from users about the tool, and the results were very positive.

We communicate important projects and awards, events, innovation, safety and sustainability topics, industry data, etc. Any department in the company can request to publish valuable content. In addition, it allows us to quickly consult documentation, such as the work calendar, organizational chart, employee benefits kit, access to training, open vacancies, etc.

For Estamp, a good internal communication is a MUST in the company. The project has contributed to the digitalization and the improvement of the quality of communications, in addition to the fact that the whole team has joined this experience by becoming part of this global E-Team community.

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