We are proud to communicate, we have received a congratulatory letter from our customer, SAIC-VW, for the quality of our products that have achieved the customers’ goal of a hybrid vehicle.

This is a great achievement for Estamp, considering that it is very important for us the service in all processes of the product and the customer focus, identifying needs and offering added value products and services, as part of our business principles.

Congratulation letter SAIC-VW

Besides, we are proud to have received another award as a Kautex partnership, growing together for 15 years in the automotive sector, during Supplier Day, in recognition of the transparency between all the personnel of both companies. Mutual trust and sincere communication have been the main drivers for the consolidation of a firm global relationship that has allowed us to align our vision and strategy. In short, this award is an incentive to maintain, and even reinforce, the same commitment to the future.

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