On Saturday 26 May, Estamp’s Global Director of Human Resources, Roser Balagué, was interviewed by the Diari de Terrassa newspaper, in a special edition on the Metallurgy Business Union (UEM), in which she explained about Estamp’s large-scale growth forecast for the coming years and how the company is adapting to these changes, with particular focus on the fact that the company’s main value is its people.

Access to the special edition: Metallurgy Business Union (UEM)



HR Director Estamp

Estamp’s Global Director of Human Resources | Roser Balagué

How did the company Estamp originate?

Estamp was founded in 1984 by Mr Antoni Amat, from Terrassa (a city in the province of Barcelona), who had many years of experience in the automotive industry. Nowadays, with a team spread around Europe, Asia and America, producing over 22 million thermal and acoustic insulators each year, we are leaders in our industry, with a strong commitment to product development and innovation.


How would you define Estamp?

Estamp is a family company that has become multinational. It is a company that is constantly growing, with a very comfortable working environment … and of course a lot of work!

Of the 700 people who make up the group, around 250 live in Terrassa or the surrounding areas.


How did you become a pioneering company in your industry?

The company’s clear mission, vision and values, which come together into a long-term strategy, have made this possible. I would also highlight the values that the Amat family has successfully passed on to the whole team from day one: commitment and passion in everything we do, optimism in the face of challenges, team spirit, proactiveness, agility and flexibility, and personal integrity and respect. This is paired with a high level of technical knowledge and leadership which have been passed on to the team and which have continued to be strengthened.


You said that Estamp is continuing to grow. What are the main profiles you are looking for?

Precisely. We have significant global growth forecast for the coming years.

At the moment, we are mainly hiring engineers who are willing to travel, have a good level of English and a global mind-set. And for the workshop, we are hiring technicians such as mould makers or maintenance officers who have undertaken vocational training courses. We therefore have a strong commitment to dual vocational training, to ensure the future of these professions which are extremely important in our industry.

In the not too distant future, the profiles in demand will be those known as “STEM”, meaning people who have studied science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


What do you most value in a candidate?

We value honesty, teamwork, ability to adapt to change, and passion for excellence. In short, we want the candidate to have the same values as Estamp.

And we are especially interested in people who are eager to take part in our project!


And what can you, as a company, offer to candidates?

We are well aware that people are our driving force, and we want to make them feel at home within a multinational company full of opportunities.

We provide close leadership based on the development of people, with a strong investment in training.

We also offer a good working environment and a good balance between work and family life. In addition, we offer highly flexible working hours for offices, shorter working days in summer, and flexible remuneration (restaurant vouchers, medical insurance, nursery vouchers, etc.).


What do you consider to be Estamp’s next challenge?

Over the past few years, we have been growing significantly at the international level, and at a very fast pace. All of this has taken place in a new “VUCA” environment, that is, a situation of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

This growth is a significant challenge to continue providing service to our customers and to remain in the market. Luckily, we have a great workforce of highly capable and dedicated individuals.

To summarise, the challenge is therefore to manage growth and talent.


Where do you find most of your people?

At the local level, we focus on Terrassa! We try to work together with and hire staff from schools in the city, such as Salesians school and UPC university.

That said, we are always pleased to receive CVs from anyone who is interested. They can contact us directly through our website: estamp.es.

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