General Motors 2015 Supplier Quality & Development Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that Estamp has received the General Motors 2015 Supplier Quality & Development Excellence Award.

General Motors globally recognizes supplier partners with exceptional quality performance through the Supplier Quality Excellence Awards. Among all of GM’s suppliers around the world, once again Estamp has been one of the suppliers who have met a very rigorous set of quality performance criteria, therefore strongly demonstrating its commitment to quality excellence.

The award was received during the GM Supplier Quality & Development Excellence Award Ceremony, which took place in Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany on September 15, 2016.

The ceremony was presented by Bernd Moser, O/V Director SQ&D, Karim Giordimana; GME Director Interior Design; William Bertagni, VP GME Vehicle Engineering; Elvira Toelkes, VP GME Quality; Katherine Worthen, VP GME GPSC and Schaeffler, Walter Suess.

There is nothing that motivates us more than to receive awards like this in which we are recognized for our rigorous work. It motivates us to continue growing and remain ever better in our specialty, always contributing to the success of our customers..


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