Estamp is a socially responsible company that participates in many charity projects. Since 2015 the firm has cooperated with the SEUR Foundation in an eco-friendly charity project for recycling plastic caps called TAPONES PARA UNA NUEVA VIDA® (CAPS FOR NEW LIFE).

The SEUR Foundation set up this project to provide needy children with treatments not regulated by the health care system, or materials to help them palliate their physical problems that they cannot obtain through other means.

In 2017, Estamp Spain collected 140,000 plastic caps for this project, thus helping many sick children.

4,000 tons of plastic caps were obtained with this project, which helped 142 boys and girls in addition to preventing the emission of 6,000 tons of CO2, the main gas responsible for climate change. The project raised a total of over one million euros.

In 2018 we continue to cooperate in this project with the objective of collecting more caps than we did last year and doing all we can to help these children.

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