International Computer Security Day is observed every year on November 30. This day is celebrated to create awareness of computer security issues and uplift people to secure the personal information stored on their computers. It is an unofficial holiday to check the basic security of your personal computer and protect all your data from ransomware viruses, identity theft, and more.

It is a good day to remember each of us is responsible for computer security, in our case Estamp’s security: from ONE infected computer ALL the computers and servers can be infected, all the information becomes inaccessible, and the activity stopped for days or FOREVER.

How can you help?


A computer with an outdated operating system or endpoint protection (antivirus) is a vulnerable point can be exploited by cybercriminals. The operating system and the endpoint software are updated after a shutdown or restart of the computer. If you don’t switch off the computer or just close the lid of the laptop at the end of the day are creating a vulnerability and putting the whole organization at risk.


One of the most important ways used by cybercriminals to attack is the email and the phishing techniques taking advantage people’s trust. Not paying attention managing emails and looking for elements to prove an email is fake in every email we receive is an irresponsible act can put the company at risk.


Use complex passwords using uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters: do not make work easy for cybercriminals.

Do not repeat passwords because your old password may be in a database of stolen passwords and be used by cybercriminals taking advantage of the fact you are not disciplined and change it periodically and do not repeat it.

If the cybercriminals have your username/password, have access inside the organization and can get information and move within the network.

International Computer Security Day

International Computer Security Day

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