The time has come to say “see you soon” to José Sanjuan, one of Estamp’s first collaborators, after 33 years doing a great job at Estamp Group. Mr. Antoni Amat, founder of the company, led the celebration.

José Sanjuan started as Production Manager and later Industrialization Manager at Terrassa. Having employees like him is a source of great pride for Estamp. He has been with us since our beginnings, overcoming obstacles and growing together, fostering teamwork and the persevering spirit that characterizes us.

Now is the time to wish him the very best in this new stage and to thank him for his extraordinary work and commitment. See you soon, José Sanjuan. It has been a real pleasure.

[…] Thank you from the deepest of my heart. Enjoy this human team; you are members of this Big Family. If four insignificant people initiated all of this, imagine what you all together can do. You are the true engine of the company. – said José Sanjuan to the Estamp team.

José Sanjuan, former Estamp Industrialization Manager at Terrassa.

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