On 15 June 2017, we celebrated the first ever Estamp Business Principles Day. This was a special day for all of us, especially our founder, Mr Antoni Amat, who is extremely proud of having created this great company and of the impressive Estamp team.

The passion we have in everything we do, our optimism in facing challenges and our team spirit have brought us to where we are today. The aim of the Business Principles Day was to continue growing as an extended family and to remind us, once again, what we are made of.

Every Estamp plant spent the whole day together doing different activities and facing challenges including painting graffiti and doing puzzles, during which we managed to capture the essence of our corporate values. We continued to have fun as a team by playing games, and the idea is that we will be able to pass on this passion for our job to our customers.

In addition to this, anyone who wanted to donate blood to the blood bank had the opportunity to do so and contribute to this social responsibility initiative.

Every effort has its reward, and here at Estamp we are seeing the results.


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