Estamp celebrates the 11th International Meeting

Last week we held the 11th International Meeting in Girona (Spain), where all the Managers from the different plants met, in a hybrid format, since some attendees participated online. The purpose of Estamp, like every year, is to improve global management relationships and ensure alignment with the company’s strategy, but this year we have focused on a particular objective: advances in product diversification.

We wanted to inform that Estamp’s strategy is well aligned with the future of the automotive industry and that it is the right time to make the transformation towards a more sustainable business and to accelerate the development of a range of products for clean mobility, as we have been communicating in recent months.

To this end, a 2-day program was carried out talks and specific team building activities to achieve these purposes.

Thanks to all attendees for their involvement!


Estamp International Meeting 2022

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