Last week, senior management and other key personnel from China, Germany, Mexico, Slovakia, Spain, and the UK met in Terrassa, Spain for the 8th annual Estamp International Management Meeting.

The main objective of this annual international meeting is to present the strategic lines of the company for the coming years in order to align global strategy throughout the group. The aim is also to define leadership style, to encourage international relationships between the different company units, and to remind participants of company principles.

Good interpersonal relationships are crucial for companies and make a highly positive impact on them. There were several group activities organized during the event to enable the objectives to be met and to make a positive contribution to the development of the company.

One of the activities in the 8th International Meeting was focused on our ongoing social commitments: the company works together with the Can Palet educational association, a NGO working on social action and out of school educational activities.

Once again this year we are taking up the challenges presented to us with a great team dedicated to fulfilling our vision of being the preferred global partner in our field.


Estamp Management Team

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